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About myself

                                                                      A few words about myself.

  My name is Alexsey.I’m eighteenth.I was born in St.-Petersburg, but I live in Vsevolozhsk. Also in Vsevolozhsk parents have written me in musical school which in 5 years I have finished perfectly well.Vsevolozhsk a small town. At me it is a lot of acquaintances and not so many true friends, but nevertheless they are.

  I’m a student of the Forest Academy and I like studying here.As you can see, I’m of a mid height and rather slim.My hair is dark, short and straight.They say I took after my father in appearance.As far as I can see my character is cheerful in general.I’m normally a happy and an optimistic person.I love is very tasty to eat.I have a good sense of humor.I think my main shortcoming is that I’m hot-tempered sometimes, but this normally doesn’t affect my relations with people. As for my preferences, I like watching good films, reading intresting books.

  As for sport I like football, badminton, basketball, tennis, sky on a bicycle and on skis.Also I love swimming and fishing.

  I have work.My working day begins early. It takes me 1 hour or more to get there.If I have some free time I go back in Forest Academy to study.

  At home I have a cat.Her name is Mysia.She is little and she is white with grey strips as at a tiger.She is not angry, She likes children and She likes to play very much.I like my pet very much.

  This is all that I wished to tell you about myself.


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